The dairy manufacturers and sells a number of quality products within the range of white cheese types –  previously known under the name Feta cheese, today classified as salad cheese or white soft cheese in brine.

The production of this type of cheese can be traced back to 1949. During the first years as traditionally produced feta cheese and later on as ultra filtrated cheese. A considerable part of the production consists of a special blended product in which milk fat is replaced by vegetable oil. The products are sold in most parts of the world with own sales units as well as wholesale dealers.


The product range is especially orientated towards the Middle East and in Europe as well as other populations with a tradition for the consumption of white cheese.

The dairy focuses strictly on products of a very high standard, which is also emphasized by the winning of gold medals at the world championship in Wisconsin, USA in 2006 and 2008. In 2010 the dairy was awarded with silver and bronze medals at the same contest.

The Dairy’s own brands are called Danish Farm and Ardena – furthermore the dairy is specialized in the production of private labels. The products are sold and distributed under the labels Danish Farm, Gurbet and Ardena.